Why do protesters block highways?

Why do people block highways when protesting?

I guess they wish to inconvenience/ annoy people, in hopes that those people will then appeal to the police/government to give the protestors anything they want so they’ll stop. In many cases, people have tried to take progressive steps, and have failed. Blocking the roads is an act borne of desperation.

Can protesters block interstates?

Legality. Most jurisdictions consider the obstruction of traffic an illegal activity and have developed rules to prosecute those who block, obstruct, impede, or otherwise interfere with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic upon a public street or highway.

Why do Protesters block traffic Quora?

Now do you know why protesters block the roads? It is to make you feel the helplessness they feel over Police brutality and Corruption. The simple answer is: SURVIVE. if that means back up and choose another route, do it.

Is it illegal to protest on the freeway?

“It’s illegal to protest on a freeway for a reason, and that’s because it’s inherently dangerous, it’s dangerous to be on a freeway,” Officer John Fransen of the CHP said.

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Did MLK March on highways?

Martin Luther King Jr. took many a highway—most famously, perhaps, in the Selma-to-Montgomery march. Reed is not the only one trafficking in dangerous and distorted ideas of the civil rights movement.

What are my rights as a protester?

The First Amendment protects your right to assemble and express your views through protest. However, police and other government officials are allowed to place certain narrow restrictions on the exercise of speech rights.

Can you sue protesters?

You can sue the police officer, department and the city if you’re injured during a protest, but your chances for winning a personal injury lawsuit against a police officer or any government official are usually not very good.

What do you do if you get caught in a protest?

How to survive a protest

  1. If you find yourself caught up in a protest or riot keep to the edge of the crowd where it is safest. …
  2. At the first opportunity break away and seek refuge in a nearby building, or find a suitable doorway or alley and stay there until the crowd passes.


Can you run over someone attacking your car?

Yes that’s perfectly justifiable. If a mob of people are rioting or blocking travel you also have the right to slowly run over them. This is a new law just passed. They are at fault for standing in a roadway not made for pedestrians to stand.

What is the difference between a protest and a demonstration?

As nouns the difference between demonstration and protest

is that demonstration is the act of demonstrating; showing or explaining something while protest is a formal objection, especially one by a group.

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Why are Thai protesting?

In Thailand, protests began in early 2020 with demonstrations against the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha. … Three demands were presented to the Government of Thailand: the dissolution of parliament, ending intimidation of the people, and the drafting of a new constitution.

Why are the Armenians protesting in Hollywood?

The protest in Hollywood began Sunday night, stretching into the next day amid calls to raise awareness and draw support for Armenia amid its military conflict with Azerbaijan over the disputed border region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

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