What Bible do the duggars use?

A: The Duggars primarily use the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible.

What religion are the duggars on counting on?

The Duggars are devout independent Baptists. They only watch programs they consider to be wholesome family television and various historical events. Their Internet service is filtered. They adhere to certain standards of modesty in clothing, in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Are the duggars Jehovah Witness?

What religion do the Duggars follow? The Duggars say they are devout independent Baptists, which is a strict and exclusive sect of Christianity. They have a specific church they attend where they’re not even the family with the most children.

What church do the Duggars go to?

Cross Church is a Baptist mega church based out of northwest Arkansas. They currently have four campuses in Arkansas – Springdale, Pinnacle Hills, Fayetteville, and Fayetteville East – and one in Missouri – Neosho. They are led by senior pastor Dr. Ronnie Floyd.

Do the Duggars believe in Santa?

For the Duggars, however, Jesus is the reason for the season and Santa Claus is not welcome in their home. … Every year the family puts up a banner ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ and they don’t have a Christmas tree.

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Do the duggars use birth control?

Jill Duggar Dillard on Why She Uses Birth Control: ‘You Have to Do What’s Best for Your Family’ Jill (Duggar) Dillard recently shocked fans when she revealed that she uses birth control, a move not condoned by her ultra-religious family, and now the former TLC star is opening up about her surprising decision.

Why do the duggars not wear pants?

The girls explained in their 2014 book, Growing Up Duggar, why their parents came up with such strict rules when it comes to their dress code — and it has to do with their traditional, religious values. “We do not dress modestly because we are ashamed of the body God has given us; quite the contrary.

What do all the duggars do for a living?

Although Jim Bob Duggar has a successful commercial real estate business — that’s in its fifth generation — the rest of the family either works with him or does sporadic jobs like handiwork, house flipping and missionary work.

Are any of the duggars not religious?

The Duggars have their religion to thank for their continued fame, but it’s also been the source of some of their most damaging scandals. … The Duggars are Independent Baptists — a fairly sizable sect that comprises roughly 2.5 percent of the US population, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

Are the plaths Mormon?

According to Distractify, the Plaths are dedicated Christians and are all about following the teachings of the Bible. The family does not say which denomination they adhere to, but they do have a photo of themselves posing beside a Baptist church, for what that’s worth.

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Are the duggars polygamists?

According to the Duggars themselves, they’re “independent Baptists,” which means that just like the Sister Wives crew, they’ve branched off from a bigger religion to be a part of their own, more exclusive sect.

Are any of the duggars rebellious?

Jinger Duggar was the first to rebel, wearing skinny jeans not long after she married Jeremy Vuolo, much to everyone’s shock. Since then, sisters Jessa, Jana, and Joy-Anna have joined in, breaking rules here and there in their own ways.

How did the duggars make their money?

The patriarch and matriarch of the Duggar family are both licensed real estate agents who have been buying and selling properties since the 1980s. Owning and renting out commercial property allows them to pay for their lifestyle, which cost between $3000-5000 each month when all of the kids still lived at home.

Do the duggars give Christmas gifts?

Instead, all of the Duggars participate in a big gift exchange, where they draw names and get that person a present. This helps cut down costs and enables everyone to get a decent gift. Jim Bob and Michelle, however, still get all of their children a present for Christmas, so everyone gets a little extra every year.

Did joy and Austin quit counting on?

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband, Austin, have officially left Counting On. The pair join Joy-Anna’s older sister, Jill, who left the show with her husband, Derick Dillard, in 2017.

How old are Claire and Justin?

“We are super excited for this next chapter of our lives — just to not ever have to leave one another ever again,” Claire, 20, said in a joint appearance with Justin, 18, in a TLC video on Friday.

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