What does content mean in the Bible?

contentment means to be satisfied or pleased. We have also seen that discontentment will result. in a pattern of turning from God, lying and hiding sin. Page 6. BiBle study: A Glimpse into Contentment.

What does the Bible say about being content?

In Philippians 4:11-12 Paul makes a remarkable claim: “I have learned, in whatever circumstances I am, to be content. I know also how to be abased, and I know how to abound. In everything and in all things I have learned the secret both to be filled and to hunger, both to abound and to lack.”

What it means to be content?

If you feel content, you’re satisfied and happy. … The first has to do with being pleased and satisfied (feeling content) or making someone else feel happy and at peace with things (contenting them). The other meaning has to do with subject matter: the content of a history class might be American history.

What is the secret of contentment?

Contentment must be learned, and Barcley reveals the secret, calling us to a contentment that comes from knowing God and delighting in his sovereign goodness and fatherly care. … Above all, he seeks the wisdom of Paul, who declared that he had found the “mystery” or the “secret” of being content.

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What does godliness with contentment mean?

“For godliness with contentment is great gain.” – I Timothy 6:6. Contentment is a virtue that challenges our do-more, get-more, be-more society. This is especially true as it relates to money and possessions.

Is being content a good thing?

Contentment is especially helpful in situations in which there is no way to improve things. It is also helpful when one is focused on positive things that can come from the difficult times.

What is the difference between being content and happy?

What is the difference between happiness and contented? Happiness is generally defined as the experience of frequent positive thoughts, such as joy, interest or pride. Contentment is generally defined as a longer lasting, but a deeper feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.

How do I get contentment in life?

Here are six tips you can apply today to find more contentment in your life:

  1. Practice gratitude. …
  2. Take control of your attitude. …
  3. Break the buying habit. …
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others. …
  5. Help others. …
  6. Be content with what you have, never with what you are.


What is contentment in a relationship?

One of the love practices is the practice of contentment. Contentment is being happy with who we are, with the people in our lives, and with our life situation. It is a practice of reverence for the reality of this moment just as it is, reverence for who we are just as we are, and reverence for others just as they are.

Is it OK to be content?

It focuses on what you have and don’t have instead of just being a state of being. It influences happiness. However, you can choose to be content, just as you can choose to be happy, and if you choose to be content, you will be happy. … Being content is just one way to be happy, but it’s a great way.

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What are the five attributes of contentment?

The various attributes of contentment are as follows:

  • Satisfaction.
  • Lack of envy.
  • Humility.
  • Discipline.
  • Abhorrence of greed and corruption.

What do Philippians 4 13 mean?

In this biblical context it seems that Paul means that he can endure all things, good or bad, through Christ. The context of the passage suggest the “do all things” is not achieve all things, but endure all things with contentment.

What are the characteristics of contentment?

4 Characteristics of Contentment

  • Contentment is Inward. To begin, it must be emphasized that contentment is inward. …
  • Contentment Avoids Complaining. Raymond uses the word ‘quiet’ to describe this characteristic. …
  • Contentment is a Work of Grace. …
  • Contentment Joyfully Rests in God’s Providence. …
  • You Can Be Content.


How do you get godly contentment?

Take the attention off of ourselves and shine it on others.

Taking attention off of ourselves and shining it on others is possible when we trust God. Leading people to the joy of life in Christ and helping them fulfill their Godly purpose brings contentment in Christ.

What are the benefits of godliness with contentment?

Godliness alone can give man the sense that he lacks absolutely nothing. Imagine being so contented—so fulfilled, so satisfied, so complete, so sufficient—that you have no sense of lack. This is the reason Scripture declares that godliness with contentment is great gain.

What are benefits of contentment?

Contentment can help you distinguish between wants and needs. When you are content, you may not desire for anything more than what you need. The abundance of the present is enough to lead a happy and healthy life. Contentment often leads to the realization that joy doesn’t come from material things.

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