What does Fetters mean in the Bible?

1 : a chain or shackle for the feet. 2 : something that confines : restraint.

What are fetters of iron?

Legcuffs are physical restraints used on the ankles of a person to allow walking only with a restricted stride and to prevent running and effective physical resistance. Frequently used alternative terms are leg cuffs, (leg/ankle) shackles, footcuffs, fetters or leg irons.

What is chains and fetters?

A fetter is a shackle or chain that is attached to someone’s ankles. To fetter someone is to restrict their movement, either literally or metaphorically. You might feel fettered by your parents’ rules, even without the chains. A fetter is anything that secures and limits the movement of the feet and legs of a prisoner.

What is the root word of fetters?

Old English fetor “chain or shackle by which a person or animal is bound by the feet,” figuratively “check, restraint,” from Proto-Germanic *fetero (source also of Old Saxon feteros (plural), Middle Dutch veter “fetter,” in modern Dutch “lace, string,” Old High German fezzera, Old Norse fiöturr, Swedish fjätter “fetter …

What is another word for Fetter?

Frequently Asked Questions About fetter

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Some common synonyms of fetter are clog, hamper, manacle, shackle, and trammel. While all these words mean “to hinder or impede in moving, progressing, or acting,” fetter suggests a restraining so severe that freedom to move or progress is almost lost.

What is the meaning of fetters?

1 : a chain or shackle for the feet. 2 : something that confines : restraint. fetter. verb. fettered; fettering; fetters.

What are bronze fetters?

Bronze Fetters from Nineveh – Fetters were in various shape and materials. Those which were put on Zedekiah were made of brass or copper. Saved by Ronnie Owens.

What does shackle mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : something (such as a manacle or fetter) that confines the legs or arms. 2 : something that checks or prevents free action as if by fetters —usually used in plural. 3 : a usually U-shaped fastening device secured by a bolt or pin through holes in the end of the two arms.

What is unfettered mean?

: not controlled or restricted : free, unrestrained unfettered access to the Senate.—

What is a headsman?

An executioner, also known as a hangman or headsman, is an official who carries out a sentence of capital punishment on a legally condemned person.

What is the meaning of ponderously?

1 : of very great weight. 2 : unwieldy or clumsy because of weight and size. 3 : oppressively or unpleasantly dull : lifeless ponderous prose.

What is the meaning of parallelism?

Parallelism, also known as parallel structure, is when phrases in a sentence have similar or the same grammatical structure. In its most basic usage, parallelism provides a phrase with balance and clarity. … This parallelism gives it a memorable rhythm and repetition.

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What does impunity mean?

: exemption or freedom from punishment, harm, or loss laws were flouted with impunity.

What is the opposite of Fetter?

fetter. Antonyms: free, liberate, expedite, accelerate. Synonyms: manacle, hinder, restrain, clog, impede, shackle.

What is the antonym of Fetter?

Antonyms of FETTER

impetus, assist, goad, unfasten, untie, edge, aid, incentive, spur, encourage, break, liberate, freedom, benefit, help, set free, advantage, latitude, stimulant, promote, assistance, loosen, unloose, boost, handmaiden, release, let go, allow, unbind, catalyst, expedite, loose, free, permit, stimulus.

What is the sentence of fetters?

Fetters sentence example. The fetters broke open. The quiet jingle of metal fetters and distant voices greeted her ears. Her gaze fell to the fetters at her wrists and ankles.

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