What is the biblical meaning of the name Jordan?

The origin of the name can be traced to a popular river in Israel, called the Jordan River. … In Hebrew, the name means “to flow down” or “descend.” Jordan is a biblical name and a perfect baby name option for religious people. In the Bible, John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River.

What does the name Jordan symbolize?

The name Jordan is of Hebrew origin and means “flowing down.” It is derived from the Hebrew word yarad meaning “descend” or “flow down”.

Is Jordan a good name?

The name Jordan is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “flowing down”. Jordan became one of the top unisex baby names in the heyday of basketball’s Michael Jordan, and is still among the most popular unisex names starting with J.

What is the personality of the name Jordan?

What Does Name “Jordan” Mean. You are honest, benevolent, brilliant and often inventive, full of high inspirations. You are courageous, honest, determined, original and creative. You are a leader, especially for a cause.

Where does the name Jordan?

Jordan (name)

Word/name Hebrew through Greek
Meaning Descend or flow down
Region of origin Israel
Other names
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What does Jordan mean in other languages?

The meaning of the name “Jordan” is: “Descend; flow down”. … Jordan is a gender neutral name, but more feminine sounding forms are Jordana and Jordyn, and variants in other languages include the Arabic Urdunn, the Romanian Iordan, the French Jourdain, and the Ancient Germanic Jordanes.

What is the spiritual meaning of River Jordan?

Symbolism. Because, according to Jewish tradition, the Israelites made a difficult and hazardous journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land, the Jordan can refer to freedom. The actual crossing is the final step of the journey, which is then complete.

Is Jordan an Arabic name?

Jordan (Arabic: الأردن‎; tr. Al-ʾUrdunn [al.ʔur.dunː]), officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is a country in Western Asia.

What are the tribes of Jordan called?

Most of the Bedouin tribes migrated from the Arabian Peninsula to what is Jordan today between the 14th and 18th centuries. Often they are referred to as a backbone of the Kingdom, since Bedouin clans traditionally support the monarchy.

Is Jordan a saint name?

Patronage. He is venerated as the patron of Dominican vocations. Jordan is honored as the patron saint of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Santo Tomas, in Manila, which was founded by the Dominican Order.

What does Joel stand for?

Joel is a male given name derived from יוֹאֵל Standard Hebrew, Yoʾel, Tiberian Hebrew, or Yôʾēl meaning “Yahu is god”, “YHWH is God”, or the modern translation “Yahweh Is God”.

What Nathan means?

Natan, Nathaniel, Jonathan. Nathan is a masculine given name. It is derived from the Hebrew verb נתן meaning gave (standard Hebrew Natan, Yiddish Nussen or Nosson, Tiberian Hebrew Nāṯān).

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What’s the meaning of Joshua?

Joshua comes from the Hebrew name “Yehoshua,” meaning “God is deliverance.” In the Old Testament of the Bible, Joshua was the name of the Israelite leader who succeeded Moses and led the Hebrews to the Promised Land.

What does the name Mason mean?

Mason is a traditionally masculine given name, although recently the name has been used for either sex. Its origin is from the occupational surname Mason, which means “one who works with stone”.

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