Where do I find notes on the Bible app?

How do I see my notes on the Bible app?

View, delete notes (No Edit on Website)

  1. Select your picture or a person icon in the top right header.
  2. Select Notes.
  3. Scroll down to desired note. Notes are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom) …
  4. Select More to have the option to go to READ IN BIBLE or Delete the note.

How do you get church notes on YouVersion?

Once you have installed the Bible App from YouVersion, this series of screenshots should help you find your way to the MACC sermon notes. Just open the app, click the More menu, choose Events, select Maple Avenue Christian Church, and you’re there.

Is there an app that explains Bible verses?

Daily Bible Verse is an app that shows you daily Bible verses. We know, it’s not the most creative name ever. It doesn’t really matter, though. The app does a great job at showing you a different verse every day so you have something to read up about.

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How do you comment on the Bible app?

Posting a comment

  1. You must be friends with the person who made the post with a highlight note or bookmark.
  2. There will be a comment field below post.
  3. Type your comment in that field.
  4. Hit return or enter to post your comment.

Can I write on the Bible app?

When opened in a suitable app that supports pdf linking, the result is a fully writable bible to mark, remark, highlight and draw on. The experience simulates a physical paper version. However, your writing never effects the original text.

How do I make my notes public on the Bible app?

Select the rainbow colored icon to choose a highlight color for the verse in the Bible reader.

To change this, select the status setting at the top middle.

  1. Private Note – visible only to you.
  2. Friends Only – visible to you and your YouVersion friends.
  3. Public Note – visible to everyone.

How do you get on YouVersion?

Join or leaving a plan as a participant

  1. A YouVersion account is required to participate. …
  2. Sign into your account and then accept the invite from the host.
  3. If you have that plan as an individual you need to stop it first before you join a group plan. …
  4. The plan will automatically be added to your My Plans section.

How do you find events on YouVersion?

How to open and search for Events

  1. Select More on the bottom navigation menu (iPad users tap Menu first)
  2. Select Events.

Can I get a Bible from my church?

Probably one of the first places you can go to find a Bible is your local church. Most churches will have Bibles available that you can take with you, either a smaller pocket version, or a larger study type Bible.

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What is a good Bible study app?

The gloBIBLE is one of the coolest Bible study apps I’ve found. It’s a fabulous Bible study tool for both iPhone and Android users, and I’m personally really excited about it because the teens and young adults in my life enjoy using it.

Is there a Bible that is easy to understand?

The Holy Bible: Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) is an English translation of the Bible compiled by the World Bible Translation Center. Deaf readers sometimes struggle with reading English because sign language is their first language. …

Which Bible version is best?

The New Revised Standard Version is the version most commonly preferred by biblical scholars. In the United States, 55% of survey respondents who read the Bible reported using the King James Version in 2014, followed by 19% for the New International Version, with other versions used by fewer than 10%.

How do you invite friends on YouVersion?

How to invite others after initial start

  1. Open the My Plans page.
  2. Swipe across the name of plan from right to left and select Invite.
  3. Select from the available options. Invite allows you to invite other YouVersion friends to the plan or gives you a link to send to those not on your YouVersion friend list.

How do you clear notifications on the Bible app?

Disable Notifications on Device

  1. Select the Settings (gear) button on the device.
  2. Select Application Manager or Apps or Notifications.
  3. Scroll down and select Bible.
  4. Uncheck the Show Notifications button.

How do I delete a completed plan on YouVersion Bible?

How to delete a saved plan

  1. Select My Plans.
  2. Select Saved Plans.
  3. Select the plan you want to delete.
  4. Tap the Saved for Later to remove the check mark.
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