Where is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome now?

He’s currently the overseer of the church’s branch at Texas. Another member of the Pastor Chris’ family is Katty Worghiren (nee Oyakhilome). She is the mega preacher’s younger sister and currently the director of the Loveworld Music Ministry, Loveworld Creative Arts Academy and the Loveworld Children Ministry.

Where is Pastor Anita Oyakhilome now?

After the dissolution of her marriage, Pastor Anita changed her surname from Oyakhilome to her maiden name, Ebhodaghe. Under her ‘new’ name, she remains a full-time pastor in London sharing her teachings on her blog.

Does Pastor Chris have a private jet?

2.2. Jets. The curly-haired preacher is also believed to own two private jets that are in a hanger at the Lagos airport.

Is Pastor Chris back with his wife?

The Senior Pastor of Christ Embassy Church may have finally reconciled with his wife, Anita Oyakhilome (Nee Ebodaghe).

Is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome still divorced?

In 1991, Oyakhilome married Anita Ebhodaghe. … They divorced in February 2016 after 25 years of marriage on the basis of “Unreasonable Behavior.” On 6 October 2018, Oyakhilome’s first daughter Sharron Oyakhilome, married Phillip Frimpong; a Ghanaian man, and her mother was reportedly absent.

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Did Anita Oyakhilome attend daughters wedding?

Anita Oyakhilome Finally Reveals Why She Did Not Attend Her Daughter’s Wedding – Religion – Nigeria.

How much does Pastor Chris Oyakhilome worth?

Chris Oyakhilome Net Worth

Net Worth: $50 Million
Date of Birth: Dec 7, 1963 (57 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Televangelist, Author, Preacher, Pastor
Nationality: Nigeria

What is the name of the richest pastor in the world?

Per our checks, pastor Kenneth Copeland tops the list of the richest pastors in the world. He is an American preacher born in Lubbock, Texas in December 1936. He is the founder of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries located in Tarrant County in Texas.

How many private jet Do winners pastor have?

Oyedepo is the wealthiest preacher in Nigeria with a net worth of over US$150 million. The church owns four private jets and several buildings, including in London and the US.

What happened to pastor’s marriage?

Anita Oyakhilome filed the divorce in 2014. And the marriage was dissolved in February 2016. Shortly after the news of the separation, Anita pictures disappeared from the Church’s website. Her name and any information concerning her activity in the Church were also eliminated.

Why was Pastor Anita not at the wedding?

Digging deep insiders have revealed that Pastor Anita may have felt left out in the entire wedding plans, since her daughter Carissa lived with her father since their divorce. … After which the couple shared their kids, Carissa chose to live with her dad, while Charlene stayed with her mum.

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